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This book about Asian rules of style contains some of the most iconic pictures, illustrations, and magazine pages, showing the huge impact the local talented designers have had on the global fashion industry.
Asian designers like to combine femininity and elegance. Their new couture collections feature the floor-length evening gowns, knee-high cocktail dresses, and heavily beaded jumpsuits, with interwoven vines and twigs embroidered on silk, chiffon, and organza. The clothing is supposed to capture a dream about a mysterious forest with lighting from the moon and full of sparkling lights.
Combining solid and sheer fabrics contributes to creation of an exquisite feminine silhouette. Top designers masterfully play with draping and cuts, using a color palette of metals and precious stones: black, gold, indigo, or burgundy. The dresses are decorated with embroidery and glass beads, rhinestones, semi-precious stones and sequins. Feather coats, lace details, and gold accents help like British the sensual curves of a female’s body.

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